The battle for middle earth continues to rage at Lord of the Rings slots for stil no one has been able to get their hands on the gargantuan Mithril Jackpot. the Jackpot which is currently sitting at over £1.4m is teetering on the edge of a massive pay out sometime soon and we’re hoping someone who plays it through our website hits the big time!

There can be no doubt about it, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding this great game and we’re certain that the jackpot is due to be hit soon! As Progressive Jackpot games go, none can boast that they have the licence of a huge film like Lord of the Rings behind them! Essentially this is what makes the Lord of the Rings slot machine so exciting, the fact that you’re a part of the Lord of the Rings universe and you can win real money from the Ring!

I’ve often imagined myself winning and being treated to an awe inspiring cut scene where
you witness events from the film and the jackpot is announced on your screen complete with a stirring soundtrack and all the characters from the film cheering your win! In fact just thinking about it now has got me excited! I think I’m ready to go down and have a quick play!