It just seems like Lord of the Rings slots is happy to keep paying and paying out this month as reports of winners keep coming in. However no one has yet to hit the elusive Mithril progressive jackpot yet, so there’s still everything to play for.

The jackpot currently stands at a colossal £1,030,600 and counting, which is more than enough to retire on for life! The way it’s looking, someone, somewhere, very soon, will be making a killing on this great slot and fingers crossed it will be you! I’ve won a considerable amount now playing the Lord of the Rings slot machine, I can guarantee you will get a great pay out playing this game, especially if you place the maximum bet of £6. The reason for this, is that if you don’t place the maximum bet, unfortunately you won’t have a chance of hitting the £1m jackpot and that would be a reel (excuse the pun) shame!

So always bear in mind that to hit the top sum on a Progressive jackpot you’ll always have to make the maximum bet! There are an incredible 243 possible ways to win on this fantastic game and a bet multiplier of 30 applies per spin! So get your skates on and head on down to play this exceptional game.