It’s been a fantastic week, with several players writing in to report that they’ve carried away nice balances on Lord of the Rings slots. Although it wasn’t the famed Mithril Progressive jackpot, they still came out ahead and they’re certainly very pleased with the results!

Even though the money is important, by far our players talk about the slot game itself; about what a great game it is and how much fun it is to play. The cinematic spins are a big hit; every time you spin and win, a clip is played from the film and it takes you right back to the breathless moments where you watched as Frodo and his gang traipsed along on their journey, moving as fast as possible to avoid the forces that would stop them from completing their quest.

The jackpots are fantastic and add that little extra something. It’s always nice to think you could enter the bonus round and the Lord of the Rings slot machine has four bonuses to give away: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Mithril, which is well over the million coin mark. Those of you going on your own quest in search of the jackpot might find it a little difficult to claim, but as our players have proved, it’s entirely possible to win big anyway!