Those of you looking for a slot with a difference will be pleasantly surprised by the level of artistry invested in Lord of the Rings slots. The journey you take whilst playing this incredible slot game is nothing short of spectacular. Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less when the same people who worked on the films worked on the game!

Lord of the Rings is a five-reel progressive slot game with a jackpot well over a million pounds. There are four jackpots on offer: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Mithril, with a minimum jackpot of over a million coins. What’s more, with 243 ways to win, there are literally hundreds of combinations you can spin to turn up some cash.

Best of all, the characters from the movie are here to help you in Lord of the Rings slot machine. An animated character of Gollum helpfully appears at random and tugs down the reels until your combination of symbols is a winning one, or he awards you with a prize. He’ll do a crazy little dance whenever you win, and a clip from the movie will also play.

As one of the best slot games out on the market, we’d highly recommend you try it now! As a progressive game it is unavailable for free play, but click on the link above for a special bonus.