For all fans of fantasy there can be few films which capture our imagination as much as Lord of the Rings. I’m a big fantasy fan and I love anything to do with wizards and dragons, so I was massively excited the other day when I won £40 playing Lord of the Rings slots! I couldn’t believe my luck because I had been wanting to buy Skrim, the latest game in the Elder Scrolls series.  I was so excited I withdrew my cash instantly and went out and bought a copy from the local Morrisons!


I’ve got to tell you that if you like the Lord of the Rings slot machine, then you’re going to love Skyrim, dragons, magic, orcs, it’s got it all, almost so much so that I’ve been neglecting playing my favourite slot. However the problem with video games is that you can’t quite match the excitement of winning on a slot. Now if they introduced gambling in video games then maybe they could be onto a winner. The reason why slots are so appealing is because they are so easy and straightforward to play, that you can play them without having to get too involved in a whole universe and spend hours stuck at one problem. 


So if you like games you can pick up and play rather than devote hours of your life to playing then I would recommend sticking with Lord of the Rings. On top of that you can win thousands of pounds playing it and it costs just a few pence so keep them reels spinning and let us know if you catch a big win!