Do you know any mad keen Tolkien fans? I have a few friends who are absolutely crazy about Lord of the Rings books, watching the films every weekend and reading the books on a cycle that never seems to end, but their level of enthusiasm pales in comparison to the fans of the Lord of the Rings slot machine.

These fans are the very definition of dedicated; they play the game whenever they can – at night, during lunchtime, on the weekends, before they go to bed, before they come to work, anytime! Since it’s a slot machine it’s much easier to slip in and play a few quick rounds and slip off rather than getting into a book. Many people love the fact that slot machines offer bite-sized entertainment, to be taken whenever and wherever you please in small doses.

And whilst there are certainly large prizes to be won – Lord of the Rings slots are progressive jackpot games, after all – you’d be surprised at the number of players who couldn’t care less about winning pockets full of money in their Quest for Middle Earth. It’s all about the game, about experiencing the characters and the storyline of the book in new and different ways – and these fans wouldn’t have it any other way.