When Microgaming announced back in january 2010 that there were going to release a trilogy of Lord of the Rings slots, I’ve got to say I was pretty excited at the prospect of battling my way through Mordor again on my very own quest for the ring of Sauron, however it’s now April 2012 and still there’s been no updates as to when the Two Towers is to be released.

If you didn’t know, before the Lord of the Rings slot machine was released as a Progressive it was actually a standard slot machine, nicknamed the Fellowship, however for some reason in September 2011, Microgaming decided to change it from a standard slot to a Progressive. They gave no reason, but in all likelihood they did it probably to garner press attention as Progressives are more likely to cause a bit more of a stir, especially when someone hits the Mithril Jackpot of over £1.2 million!

This leads me to speculate that when the next Lord of the Rings slot, The Two Towers is released, which fingers crossed will be sometime this year, that it may well also be a Progressive with an equally hefty jackpot. If that was the case then in all likeliness it makes sense for them to release The Return of the King as a Progressive too and have a trilogy of jackpots, now that would make for one of the biggest jackpot franchises in history, something that I am looking forward to with great relish!