Who didn’t fall a little in love with the adorable hobbit Frodo as he battled real and internal demons to defeat the dark lord Sauron? The sense of adventure, excitement and bravery that captivated the world has been recaptured in Lord of the Rings slots and is delighting players across the world with its brilliant graphics, phenomenal soundtrack and lovable characters.

People who are fans of the films adore this slot game because it takes them back through the movie adventure. The beautiful Arwen, the brave Aragorn, sprightly Legolas and Frodo all march off on this quest for a progressive jackpot and clips of the film play throughout. The slot is designed to help you feel like you’re in Tolkien’s world once more.

But even people who have never read the book or seen of the movie love the Lord of the Rings slot machine, because it is of such excellent quality. Gollum, who embraced a dichotomous Jekyll-and-Hyde personality in the film, breaks free from the evil thrall of the Ring long enough to help you by giving you free spins, stacked wilds and pulling down the reels until you win. And the Mithril progressive jackpot, currently at well over a million coins, is enticing – if you won it you would definitely have achieved the quest!

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