Now you’ve seen the films, bought the DVD’s and played the video games, it’s time you played the Lord of the Rings slot machine. If you consider yourself a true Hobbit, then I recommend that you check out this incredible slot game where you stand to win thousands of pounds.

As it stands the highest level of jackpot, namely the Mithril jackpot is currently at £1,131,300 and counting. That’s a hell of a jackpot to win and it could be yours at any time. The Gold Jackpot when I was playing on it this afternoon was currently at £12,600, while the Silver was at the normal £100 and the Bronze at the standard tenner. This fantastic Progressive is ready to pay out at any time. Don’t worry if you haven’t hit the Mithril Jackpot yet, nobody has! However you can keep hitting the silver and bronze pots in the mean time and hope to hit the gold or even better the big daddy of all the jackpots, the Mithril.

I can’t tell you how happy I was today at the little blighter Gollum, as he kept leaping onto the screen and gifting me with free spins. Admittedly I had hit three rings and and I got the 15 free spins and the 2x multiplier, which paid out the Bronze pot, so I was quite happy with that.

Bear in mind that the Mithril Progressive started at £1,000,000 and now it’s £1,131,300, so it’s £130,000 on top of what it began with initially, so it’s got to be ready to pay out soon. Fingers crossed it’s me or you!