Playing slot machines online is in my opinion the best way to play slots full stop. The reason for this is that when you play online you can get in the bubble and just devote all your time and effort to the game. Lord of the Rings slot is one of those games that you can really get involved in playing and enjoy all day and night.

That’s why I much prefer to play slots at home. I can just close the door and no one will disturb me or is waiting behind me for a go on the machines. Online it’s just a much more immersive experience than in the pub, arcade or even the casino! I can’t count the number of times I’ve been playing on a Lord of the Rings slot machine in an arcade when I’ve been on the verge of hitting a big win and someone comes up to me and tells me it’s closing time.

Thank God I don’t have to deal with that anymore! I’ve learnt my lesson, from now on, I’m happiest playing in the peace and quiet of my bedroom, away from all the headaches and hassle of the outside world.