When Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings it is hard to imagine him being able to predict just how successful it could have been. Not only has the book sold millions of copies, but then there’s the film and all the merchandise which goes with it. But above all things, I bet he would never have envisaged a Lord of the Rings Slot Machine being made in its honour.

 However, nowadays, if a film’s successful in the Box Office, it’ll sure to be successful in the online gaming market. Hence we have lots of Lord of the Rings video games and of course the fantastic Lord of the Rings Slots, which is really mind-blowing. Not only will it please fans of the Movie, it undoubtedly will be please anyone who enjoys playing slots. Simply because it is so well put together. The quality of the game is so impressive, with its stunning graphics and great bonus rounds, I for one am totally hooked on it.

If you’re a big fan of the film like me, I would thoroughly recommend playing it whilst watching the films. It’s almost like the characters give you luck, when you watch them and play. I did it and won a couple of hundred quid! So go for it and let us know which part of the films you think are the luckiest.