Fans of the books and films are rejoicing in the fabulous Lord of the Rings slots. Developed in collaboration with Warner Bros Digital Distribution, the makers of the film had a hand in creating the slot game, so the animation and detail in the film is amazing. Nowhere is this more evident than in the creature of Gollum.

Gollum is of course the character present in The Hobbit and in The Lord of the Rings. Originally a Stoor Hobbit known as Sméagol, he became corrupted by the Ring and turned into a small, slimy pathetic-looking creature who pursued the Ring, loving and hating its effects on himself. Torn between his formerly loyal nature and his lust for the Ring, he alternately helps his ‘master’, Frodo, and plotting against him in order to get the Ring back. He follows them to Mount Doom where his final quest to seize the Ring ultimately ended up destroying his life, as well as the Ring.

Similarly, the character has been brought to life in the Lord of the Rings slot machine. Gollum creeps from the edge of the screen, warily peering out before leaping out to run towards the Ring in which the coin value is shown. He then strokes the Ring (his ‘precious’) or tries to steal it, only to flee moments later. He also helps players during the game, appearing randomly to award prizes or fiddle with the reels of the slot – sometimes he pulls them down until another winning combination appears.

Gollum is just one of many characters showcased in the Lord of the Rings slot game. For the full range, why not try the game yourself?